Siori is a wooden chair that is characterized by a clean and minimalist outline.

The backrest is fixed like a tucking in between the back support and the seat rails.

The chair is available with or without armrests and is stackable when armless.


Doppel is a simple, contemporary armchair designed to be reinterpreted from the classic design language for "Thonet".

The structure made of steam-bent solid beech wood is gently curved with no straight lines, aiming for a clean and efficient stacking form. 

The horizontal double lines of the armrests and the backrest provide structural support and embracing comfort, also a visual feature of the chair.


It is a chair design that features laminated plywood wrapped around a solid wood core.

The idea is inspired by traditional techniques, such as those used on vintage tennis rackets.

by utilizing the technique, I aim to create seamless and stronger connections while keeping the lightness and rigidity of the molded plywood.


Taki is a room divider made of twisted plywood.

It is constructed as if it were made from a single piece of wood and changes how it looks depending on the angle of view or the way it is arranged.


Girdle is an armchair with a molded plywood shell and wood base. The shell is supported by and slightly curved along with the extensions of the front legs as if a girdle were used to shape the lower back.


Beam bench is an outdoor use design consisting of die-cast aluminum bases and extruded aluminum beams. the bench is anodized for a durable finish and also available in wooden beams.


Cargo is a sofa with a wood base.

The cushions are fitted and supported in the wooden structure. the sofa is also designed as a self-assembly form that can be shipped as flat-packed furniture.


Yurikago is a rocking chair composed of a stainless tube base with a seat woven from webbing. 

The bent oval-section stainless frame creates both rigidity and moderate elasticity to the cantilever chair.

Trave chair is designed in reference to the classic style of the Windsor chair.

the chair has consisted of rectangular timbers instead of the typical wooden spindles and the slightly curved seat made of bent plywood gives a gentle comfort.


The design embodies contemporary form and minimalist lines with the aim of simply and cleanly connecting the structural components.


material: walnut wood or oakwood, plywood

dimensions: W452mm x  H790mm x D500mm


Normann Copenhagen which unites classic materials with modern aesthetics. The Knot chair has a clean and simple expression that leads the thoughts to classic 1950s furniture. The overall impression is determined by the details, such as the dominant jointing points in natural paper cord, which also provide optimal sitting comfort.


The structural components of the Knot chair are tied together with paper cord, which provide both support and a stylish visual expression; and, despite his Japanese background, Tatsuo Kuroda has been inspired by traditional Scandinavian design.


The designer explains: “My thoughts behind Knot chair was to create a chair which is a reinterpretation of itself - a chair that is both classic and modern at the same time. I am inspired by Danish design classics in which function and aesthetics come together."

material: ash wood, paper code

dimensions: W585mm x  H720mm x D505mm