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Knot chair for Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen which unites classic materials with modern aesthetics. The Knot chair has a clean and simple expression that leads the thoughts to classic 1950s furniture. The overall impression is determined by the details, such as the dominant jointing points in natural paper cord, which also provide optimal sitting comfort.


The structural components of the Knot chair are tied together with paper cord, which provide both support and a stylish visual expression; and, despite his Japanese background, Tatsuo Kuroda has been inspired by traditional Scandinavian design.


The designer explains: “My thoughts behind Knot chair was to create a chair which is a reinterpretation of itself - a chair that is both classic and modern at the same time. I am inspired by Danish design classics in which function and aesthetics come together."

material: ash wood, paper code

dimensions: W585mm x  H720mm x D505mm

Normann Copenhagen

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